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How I'm Celebrating My Mother's 62 Heavenly Birthday

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Hey, Hey, Hey!

Hopefully you've been following me on Instagram or Facebook and have seen a series of videos with me and my sister called It's Bigger Than Me. If you missed the first three videos take a look here.

It's Bigger Than Me is a campaign created to honor our mama's 62 birthday on January 19. In 2016 she lost her second battle to Ovarian Cancer. January 19 is also my sister and aunt Sally birthday, my mama is a twin, so it's a pretty big day for the family.

Khaleelah + Mama

Me + Mama

Auntie Sally + Cousin Sherrod

Last year, with the help of you, we raised over $4,200 and donated the money to Backpack Food For Kids. Take a look at last year's event here. This year we wanted to do something different and help more people.

Before I release the final video tomorrow morning on Instagram, I wanted to share what I'll be doing with you first. You are the community that continues to support me and I'm so thankful for each of you. With me being 6-months pregnant, I'll mainly be observing and keeping Baby O safe. Here's our final video and I'm so excited for tomorrow.

This week I'll be sharing some behind the scenes video of the campaign on my Instagram. Plus, Mike and I will be sharing our gender reveal video so keep a look out.

Updated January 22, 2021. We successfully gave away groceries to 400 families Monday, January 18, 2021! Thank you to my videographer + photographer Jamaal Daniel for bring the vision to life. To the volunteers, my family, our team at the restaurant + the community you all were outstanding. To my husband, Mike, thank you babe for believing in my ideas and pushing me to go for it all. To my sister and partner in all of this, I love you + we did it for mom.

Much love y'all + stay safe,



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