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Hey you! My name is Safiyyah O'Quinn and I'm glad you stopped by. 

Removing the stigma that we must suffer in silence after life changing events. That is the goal of the blog. At 31 I lost my mama to Ovarian Cancer and I lost a piece of my soul. After battling depression I vowed to take my life back and I'm sharing how I started to live again one story at a time.  

I'm here to tell you the truth. Yes things happen and this is a place where you have permission to be you. 


OMG, I'm not alone!  This is probably what you're going to say reading my blogs and listening to my videos. No, you are not. We're going to grow through this together. 


I really needed that! Sometimes you need that extra push. I want you to learn from my mistakes. You're going to say girl get out my head but I'm not going anywhere.


Why should I listen to you? I've been there and the best person to help is one that's walked in your shoes. Quitting my job 6 months before my wedding, having an "I can't do this" break down and having my life do a complete 180 after losing a parent. I'm sharing what I don't want you to repeat. 

Wife to Mike, mama to Grant, founder of The Susie Amin Foundation, and tech product marketer.  Music fanatic, wellness advocate, and experimental  cook. I'm sure the cooking came from my mama who started Salaam Seafood with my dad 30+ years ago. Today, my siblings and I carry on the family business.  Plant mama, outdoors verses indoors, and I'm still growing.

Much love + stay safe,

SOQ | soqweenly

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