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How Giving Back Helps My Healing Journey

Hey, Hey! It’s been eight months since I’ve written a blog. Life sure does change with a baby in the house. I’ll give y’all an update on Grant in my next blog.

Six month's ago I wrote a marketing strategy to re-launch my mama's foundation for her 63rd birthday. I wanted to re-launch it to honor her life and legacy how I envisioned it.

I started with identifying legal counsel to help me on the journey and Brittany of Your Brand's Lawfirm has been the absolute best. We started with changing the name from Susie's Kitchen to The Susie Amin Foundation Inc. and then filing the 501c3 documents. Changing the name of the foundation to include her name was very important to me.

Next, I worked with Creative Designer, Kimberly Davis, of Bliss Creative to update the logo. Ironically, Kimberly has never met my mother but designed the 'S' in Susie just like my mother signed her name.

Then I began to work on the mission, vision and founder's statement. As much as I love to write I knew I was too close to the project and I collaborated with Sakeenah Johnson of Bountiful LLC to write the mission and vision statements.

For the website I used Squarespace and it's really intuitive and easy to navigate. Building this site was one of the highlights because I learned how to code thanks to YouTube lol. Kimberly came in and added the designer’s touch and ensured the brand look and feel was right. I advise you hire a designer at all times. I only designed my site because it's something I personally wanted to accomplish.

For the external marketing I collaborated with Jay Daniel Photography. We shot two :30 videos on January 9 to promote the event. I wanted the videos to be quick, direct and fun.