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SkinnyMs Detox Review

Hey y'all!

I just completed SkinnyMs three-day detox and it works.

Before I share my experience, I’m not a physician or nutritionist so please consult your doctor before starting. Up until last week, I'd never heard of or visited @skinnyms Instagram.

When my friend Leah told me about this detox I said yes because it seemed attainable, affordable, and it made life easier not worrying about what I was going to eat. You actually eat on this detox which was important to me. I’m not a fan of smoothie or juice only detoxes because it’s not sustainable and your girl likes to chew lol.

I purchased all of my organic produce from Sprouts Farmers Market for about $55. Be sure to check your pantry for the non-produce items because you'll probably already have them.

What I liked

1. The coconut milk smoothie was my favorite. It’s creamy, filling and helped with my sweet tooth. I’m going to keep this is my weekly routine.

2. The Mean Green Juices. Depending on your preference, a juicer may be the best appliance for this item. I don’t own a juicer so I prepared mine in the blender. There’s a lot of pulp and it was difficult to drink on day one.

On day two, I peeled my veggies, strained the pulp, and added ice. It was very good and refreshing. Below is one I created including a pear, green apple, cucumber, parsley, peeled lemon, water and celery.

Mean Green Juice without pulp

Mean Green Juice with pulp

3. Mixed Green Salad. I chose the mixed green salad in the photo and added tomatoes, red onions, cucumbers, avocado and a few walnuts. My dressing was lemon juice, olive oil, sea salt, and pepper. Simple but good. I’m keeping this salad in my rotation and I'll add some grilled shrimp or chicken to it this week. You can also do the cucumber, tomato and avocado salad.