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Self-Care Routine During a Pandemic: 3 Tips For Taking Care of You

I’ve gone back and forth with what to publish because the pandemic has been an emotional roller coaster and as a storyteller, providing a solution to you is what drives me.

Then it hit me to share tips with you on how I’ve been managing during the pandemic and hopefully it will help you. On Wednesday I shared my Soul Substance titled “What’s on your agenda?”. If you missed it take a listen here. During this pandemic, assessing what’s on your agenda is so important because you must be on it. Your to-do list can’t consist of only completing tasks for everyone else or you’re headed for burnout, if you haven’t already.

Here are a few items on my agenda.

Morning Workout

Before the pandemic, I had a 5am alarm so I could get to my gym, Total Fitness Revolution, for my 6am training Monday - Thursday.

Now I have a 7:30am alarm for my 8am virtual training Tuesday - Thursday. I am so glad to get those few extra hours of sleep back. On Mondays, I do my own workout which sometimes include going for a morning run with my husband Mike and Friday is my off day. Saturdays, I get outside and do something fun like walk Cheatham Hill Trail with my friend Shana. Last Saturday, she invited me to Vibe Ride in Grant Park. It’s a social distancing outdoor spin class and it was so much fun.

If you are looking for some cute and quality workout gear, check out J. Dow Fitness. I'm wearing one of her matching sets below in large.

Plant Life

After my workout, I water my plants. I have two Peace Lily’s in the house and a small Aloe Vera plant. The Peace Lily downstairs in the dining room is named Angel Susie after my mama and the one upstairs is Hey Girl lol. To be honest, my Aloe Vera plant needs a little TLC and a name.

Majority of my plants are outside because that's where I love to be. Outdoors I have two ferns named The Twins after my aunt and mama who are twins. I have some Birds of Paradise, Geraniums, Hostas, Pansies and Marigolds too. All of them don’t have names yet but I encourage you to name yours. You can even name them after yourself so every time you water and talk to them — you’re feeding yourself.

The plants have given me an opportunity to grow and nurture something during this time. To get started, purchase some potting soil, a pot with drainage, and your plant. I started with the Peace Lily that I picked up from Home Depot. I’ve pinned some plant suggestions here on my Pinterest board for you.

Peace lily flower

Bath Time

I’m normally a shower girl but last year a friend recommended a good bath on a Friday evening and it changed everything for me. After having a week full of meetings, I was completely exhausted this past Thursday. I took a cleansing bath to reset my energy and remove the negative energies.

I added Pink Himalayan salt, lavender oil and basil oil from Sprouts. Plus, I added my Milk Bath with shea butter lavender and chamomile. It always leaves my skin very soft and doesn’t dry it out. I lit my Alexandra Winbush candles, played my music, put my phone on silent and just let it all go. Talk about relaxing. That was just what I needed.

Share your tips with me on what you’ve been doing to stay sane during the pandemic. Also, I’ll be sharing the details on my upcoming project launching mid-August so be sure to hit subscribe.

Much love,



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