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Manifest Tour: The Ultimate Guide to Changing Your Mindset and Achieving Your Goals

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Hey you! I'm back and I have a really exciting idea to share with you. This idea puts a new twist on girl’s day out and vision board parties. You’ll come to learn something about me, I love sharing information that will positively impact your life. Knowledge is power and when you pay it forward, it becomes a domino effect. Alright, lets go!

What is manifesting?

Have you ever heard the saying, if you see it in your eyes you can hold it in your hand? This thought is the foundation of the Manifest Tour. These tours are all about bringing your vision board to life. We gather with our friends towards the end of the year, cut out pictures, words, and share our goals but then what? Well, here is the next step in the process.

2019 complete vision board for manifesting
My 2019 vision board

Manifestation is something that is put into your physical reality through thought, feelings, and beliefs. You can want something all day, but how are you going to turn your vision into reality? In order to do something different, you have to experience things differently.

How did the tour get started?

In 2018, Kia Perry, founder of HERMARKET, along with two other friends

Jessica Myers, co-founder of JAG Holdings, realtor Jasmine Horn and I were discussing what we wanted out of life and how to start making that change to achieve those goals. We all have dreams far beyond where we are today, and Kia came up with the idea to go see the homes we place on our vision board. It all just clicked with everyone and we immediately said yes and started adding on to the idea. In October 2018, the Manifest Tour was born on a random girl’s night out.

Creators of the Manifest Tour
Manifest Tour Crew: Kia Perry, Jasmine Horn, and Jessica Myers

This is when I reflect on the importance of who you surround yourself with and timing. We each were at a place of seeking change in our lives and wanting to see life through a different lens. It was no longer enough to cut out those pictures, we wanted to physically open the doors to those homes.

Opening the front door to the first Manifest Tour.

What is the Manifest Tour?

The Manifest Tour encompasses visiting homes, office spaces, community centers, and event facilities that we want in our future. It’s acting on your dreams to understand what is needed from you to achieve them. Some of us wait until we have everything perfectly lined up and ready, not this time. We took a different approach and started now, understanding that time is the one thing you can’t get back and waiting served no purpose.

Our first tour: November 2018

We kicked off our first tour on a Thursday in November with homes in Vining’s. It was natural for us to start with homes since we’re in the market. We provided the criteria to Jasmine and she set up the homes. We all met up after work and visited 4 houses that evening, and it was surreal. We would look at each other like we are actually doing this. For my readers who don’t have access to a realtor, you can still do this by attending open houses and requesting a tour of the property.

The second tour: March 2019

Last week, we finished our second manifest tour in North Decatur, and it gets better and better. Touring in the spring is much better than the winter because of daylights savings time. We had at least 4 hours of sunlight left in the day to see the entire homes. We were beyond excited for the second tour because we were long overdue for some inspiration. Kia brought her niece who is 18 and she loved it! When we visit a home, we normally tour it first and at the end with a recap. Jasmine will ask each of us what we like about the home and what we think the asking price is. I must admit this is fun and it’s not like we receive a prize for guessing the closes asking price lol.

living room of a house tour in North Decatur
House number 2 living room

Beautiful his and hers modern bathroom

When you open the door to your future home with the ability to see your family in that warm, loving, and safe place is the most rewarding feeling.

Something came over each of us last week that sparked the need to pursue our goals relentlessly. We speak intentionally in the homes. We say, “this is my home, welcome to my home, my home is filled with love.” These tours have put the cost of home ownership in specific areas in the city into perspective. Not to mention, we’ve identified our style, must haves, and dislikes which we would have never known. More importantly, we’re stretching ourselves and growing.

House number 3 in the Manifest Tour in North Decatur
House number three

Manifest Tour takeaway

Your dreams don’t have to live on a piece of paper forever. Call a friend or family member and say, "I want to start bringing my vision board to life. Do you want to start with me?" You’d be amazed at how many times you'll hear yes because those people you’re asking want to do it too. They just don’t know where to start.

Now that you have your crew, here are the rest of the steps.

1. Commit to a minimum of one day per quarter to meet. If you can meet monthly, go for it!

2. Decide what you’re going to tour per outting – homes, office spaces, community centers etc.

3. Request a tour of at least 4 places you want to visit and keep them in close proximity.

4. Take photos.

5. Bring your positive attitude and an open mind.

6. Write yourself a brief recap after the tour of what you liked and disliked in the homes.

7. Repeat for the next tour.

For more behind the scenes videos and photos of the homes, take a look at my Facebook page.

Let me know what you think about the Manifest Tour and be sure to subscribe to my blog too.

Update: On Friday, December 18, 2019 my husband and I closed on our first home in Atlanta by using the manifestation practices I learned. I hope this inspires you to go after your dreams because it is all possible.

Until next time my good vibes tribe.

Much love,



Great idea my husband & I along with the kids go look at property we want to acquire soon. We plan out the furniture etc. I love what you guys are doing


This is amazing. I love the idea of the tour, ..and would love to go on one.

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