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Baby O'Quinn Gender Reveal

Today is the perfect day to share our gender reveal video on my mama's birthday. I'll give you an update first on what’s been going on.

Time is going by so fast and I can't believe we'll be in the third trimester in a few weeks. Being pregnant during a pandemic has been really different.

Firstly, doctor appointments are solo and I understand why. Mike drives us to the appointment and waits in the car until I come out skipping back to the car.

Secondly, solo doctor appoints mean Mike doesn’t get to see or hear Baby O'Quinn's heartbeat. Luckily, I found Baby's First Image who allow a family member to come in. For Mike's birthday in December he heard the heartbeat and saw the baby for the first time. Baby's First Image has multiple locations in Atlanta and different packages ranging from $60 - $120 per session.

Thirdly, I didn’t realize how emotional pregnancy would be. Coupled with a pandemic, sometimes it can feel very isolated because the days are all running together. I try to see my immediate family once a month and it lifts my spirit tremendously. I've also connected with other mothers and that has helped a lot.

Fourthly, we did our first virtual birthing class and it was amazing. We learned so much from Mamas and Tatas class led by Kiana. Our bodies are simply amazing as women. I wish I would have known about this class earlier because it would have helped big time with my first trimester morning sickness. I don't know why they call it morning sickness because it should be anytime sickness.

Overall, we are healthy and blessed. Here's our gender reveal filmed in the backyard of my parents house. The same place Mike + I got married and where we have so many memories of my mama. Happy birthday to my favorite girl in the word!

Much love,



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